DSC_8182.JPGThe Summit-2018 took place, this time the venue for the Summit was the exhibition complex of VDNH, the event was held within the framework of the business program of the “Golden Autumn” exhibition and with the support of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation. Musheg Mamikonyan, well-known expert in the agricultural world and Chairman of Peter Stolypin Prize Council, opened the Summit. He said that the Summit was the first part of the big may conference, as the production of protein – animal and vegetable origin, the production of forage crops and the production of proteins from insects – and for animal feeding, and for human nutrition –are comprehensive, global issues.

DSC_8197.JPG  Then Mr. Nan-Dirk Mulder, Associate Director Animal Protein, Food & Agribusiness Advisory and Research, Rabobank, made a broad report. He gave an overview of the global market for the production and consumption of animal and plant proteins. Key findings – in the coming decades, global demand for animal protein will grow by 35%. Protein from poultry – is on the first place in consumption, but all types of protein, including alternative sources, will continue to grow. Production in Russia is moving to a new stage of development – becoming more diversified, more efficient and more focused on the international market.

Two speakers from the US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) – the Summit’s Partner – have gone deep into the topic of protein in terms of animal feeding. Dr. Iani Chihaia, USSEC Consultant, President of the Romanian Compound Feed Manufacturers Association, in his report “It’s time to do more with less” presented and gave scientific proof how to get additional benefits from conventional, alternative and novel protein ingredients for sustainable and profitable animal nutrition. He emphasized that with all the diversity of existing protein sources, soybean today remains ‘the golden standard’ for vegetable protein ingredients used in animal feed. 

After him, Dr. Jan van Eys, USSEC Consultant, President of GANS Inc. in his presentation “Quality evaluation and energy utilization - not all ingredients are created equal”, spoke about the global production of compound feed and the importance of soy for today feed production, and also spoke about the diversity and properties of existing feed soy ingredients. He drew the attention of the audience to the fact that soybean meal produced in different countries, significantly varies in the digestibility of amino acids and have different energy indicators, which is very important to consider when formulating recipes to achieve effective feeding of animals at the lowest cost.

Then Andrey Dolzhenkov, a representative of Cargill and a member of the working group on monitoring the market of meat and bone meal of the Ministry of agriculture, gave an overview of the current situation and pricing policy for these ingredients.

From traditional sources of protein – we smoothly switched to alternative ones. Igor Abalakin, technical director of Entoprotech company, located in Penza, spoke about the company’s case in growing insects – “Black Soldier Fly” – as an ingredient in feed additives. The company is young, but 400 trials have been done so far, 1 patent has been received, 4 applications for expertise in Rospatent and more than 25 applications in development. 

The final chord was the performance of Pavel Danilov, managing partner of "Agrotech” Fund SKOLKOVO Ventures. Pavel gave an overview of venture activity in the segment of alternative protein in Russia and in the world in the categories of " protein from insects ", "protein from microbial bacteria + gas" and "protein from algae". In Russia, all this is still in the stage of "germination", while in the rest of the world we can already talk about "active growth and flowering", so for Russian companies there is where to grow and develop.

DSC_6662.JPGThe Summit ended on a high note of gratitude, exchange of experience and opinions. Topics covered were interesting and burning – what will happen with animal feeding and nutrition of the population tomorrow and in the distant future. 

Meanwhile, we are already beginning to form a business program and collect proposals from top speakers to present on a particular issue. Therefore, we invite everyone who cares about the quality of protein and protein sources "today and tomorrow" to continue the dialogue within the business program of the May exhibition "Meat and Poultry industry", which will be held on May 28-30, 2019 in "Crocus Expo".

Press-service of “Asti Group” exhibition company